The Wide World of Open Source Intelligence

Open-source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence is the newest trend in intelligence gathering and turning out to be proven solution that is used throughout the intelligence community to efficiently, effectively, and securely exploit and analyze vastly available open-source data, leading to more informed operational planning and strategic decision-making.

Who Needs Our Help?

Preventing terrorist attacks. Preparing for major political and economic transformations. Anticipating emerging threats. Intelligence organizations have been charged with high stakes missions. Unfortunately, predicting the future remains a hard problem. The best way to stay ahead of adaptive threats and disruptive events is to enable low-friction interaction between domain experts and high-quality information. Intelligence officers need an intuitive way to extract insight from massive-scale data of disparate types, from signals intelligence to unstructured data all available in the open. Our customers need to enrich the raw data with their analytic insight, so others can benefit from the work of their colleagues.


Cloudly offers one of the most versatile open-source intelligence solutions that help solve these difficult technological problems, so that intelligence officers can solve the harder problem of staying a step ahead of those who would do great harm.

Simplify workflows with a single, open, intuitive software platform

Analysts and investigative professionals need a tool that focuses precious time and skills on identifying relevant intelligence. Our open-source Intelligence solutions enable analysts to choose data sources and define alerts, creating an intelligent and automated intelligence gathering process.

Comply with privacy and data protection policies

With the rise of data privacy and protection concerns, our open-source Intelligence uniquely facilitates precision data access and use controls, secure information sharing, multiple means of checking data accuracy, and real-time and immutable audit functions. These protections are built into the same technology that makes our solutions so analytically powerful. Robust privacy and civil liberties protections are crucial to responsible data use and to building public confidence in the management of sensitive information.