Discover the Core Insights of your Network, Threats and Attackers

Network Intelligence

Today’s increasing core network complexity requires strict policies and new tools to prevent fraud, hijacking or service disruption and espionage.

At the backbone of every telecom infrastructure is the core network, which links network elements and handles interconnects with other telecom operators. Fundamental flaws in signaling protocols—SS7, Diameter, and GTP—and configuration errors in network equipment cause severe security threats for mobile ecosystems.

We offer Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a key solution that provides unbiased evaluation of the current signaling network protection level. Discover critical vulnerabilities before they strike and make sure that your current security measures are getting the job done. It is an essential step to building an effective signaling vulnerability management process and shielding your core network and subscribers from cyberattacks.

Protect Subscribers and Core Network

Cloudly Vulnerability Assessment helps to identify possible vectors of attack against the core network and subscribers. Such attacks could result in compromise of privacy, fraud, and degradation or even disruption of services. The goal is to discover critical flaws and vulnerabilities, as well as provide actionable recommendations, which allow preventing attacks before they start.

Stop Privacy Violations

Every telecom operators and service providers need to provide customers’ trust and strengthen ongoing engagement by protecting their personal data from existing and emerging threats. Manage critical signaling vulnerabilities and get ahead of hacker attacks. Prevent malicious attempts to track subscribers’ location, intercept private communications, redirect traffic, or access email and social network accounts.

Reduce Fraud Risks

Flaws in signaling networks allow fraudsters to bypass billing systems, transfer money using forged USSD requests, steal funds using mobile banking, and hack digital wallets. In each case, revenue is lost and reputation jeopardized. Safeguard your business by timely detecting critical vulnerabilities that can cause financial losses and other severe consequences.

Maintain Network Availability

DoS attacks strike telecom operators harder than any other sector. Denial of service degrades network capacity, disrupts customer services, and pushes subscribers to find alternatives. Our research shows that attempts to cause disruption have very high success rates. Reduce exposure to DoS attacks by discovering exploitable flaws and receiving remediation advice, which allows responding effectively.