Scholarship for Service (SFS)

Scholarship for Service (SFS)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) provides scholarships to students for cybersecurity-related degree programs at select two- and four-year college and universities in return for service in Federal, State, local, or tribal governments upon graduation.

Click the button below for SFS scholarship program guidance and a list of participating schools. Or if you are close to graduation, view a listing of Federal cybersecurity jobs available on at the bottom of this page.


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Typically, the scholarships provide academic year stipends of up to $22,500 per year for undergraduate students and up to $34,000 for graduate students. SFS scholarships may cover expenses normally incurred by full-time students in the institution, including tuition and education-related fees.

The SFS scholarship program gives students exclusive access to hiring fairs for internship and permanent hire opportunities. DHS co-sponsors an annual virtual SFS Job Fair (October), and in-person SFS Job Fair in the Washington, DC area (January). Scholarship recipients must serve in the government in a cybersecurity-related position for a period equivalent to the length of the scholarship.

Universities interested in providing cybersecurity scholarships

Colleges and universities play an active role in developing the pipeline of future cybersecurity leaders.

Institutions designated as CAEs are eligible to apply for SFS awards. Schools that participate in the SFS program support an important mission to strengthen the cadre of cybersecurity professionals protecting our nation. Students can feel confident attending schools that have federally-recognized degree programs that will prepare them for careers in cybersecurity, and a degree from one of these schools gives potential employers confidence in hiring a graduate.

For more information on how to apply for an SFS award, visit the SFS program website or email the SFS program office with questions.

Government Hiring Managers interested in hiring top cyber students:

SFS students may fulfill their term of service in any Federal, state, local, and/or tribal government organization(s). The SFS program has just over 2,500 graduates since 2000 with a 94% placement rate in more than 140 federal/state/local tribal agencies and FFRDC/national labs. As of January, 2018, there are approximately 72 participating institutions in 28 states, DC, and Puerto Rico (see list at offering SFS scholarships.

Government employers can access SFS student resumes and recruit new hires directly by visiting the SFS website and registering as an Agency Official. They can also recruit new hires by participating in the annual job fairs.

Tips on recruiting SFS students:

  • Identify your cybersecurity workforce needs and available billets (federal agencies: billets should be in the GS-7-12 range)
  • Log in as an Agency Official to view resumes and contact qualified candidates
  • Register for both annual job fair events at


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