Integrating Cybersecurity into the Classroom

Integrating Cybersecurity into the Classroom

In order to establish a pipeline of qualified cybersecurity professionals for the future, the concepts of cybersecurity must be stimulated through education within the youth of today. DHS is dedicated to offering resources that help educate the cybersecurity professionals of the future. The nation’s security and cyber infrastructure depend on well-trained professionals to support the systems and networks necessary for essential computer operations.

Resources for Middle and High School Teachers and Educators

Imagine a classroom full of students who are on the edge of their seats, filled with enthusiasm and questions, and engaged in learning about how science, technology, engineering, math, and liberal arts all integrate together. It’s a unique learning environment that many teachers strive to create in their classroom.

Through grant funding from DHS, the CIC offers professional development opportunities for middle and high school teachers. STEM Explore, Discover, Apply (EDA) workshops are available for middle school teachers and the Education Discovery Forum (EDF) for high school teachers. This professional development training will allow teachers to bring new projects, technology, and curriculum into their classrooms.

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